If you want to go somewhere new, if you want to explore new clinical possibilities, meet your guide at the trailhead…

Trailhead Clinical Strategies, LLC was founded on two beliefs:

  1. Medical research into genetics and the molecular basis for disease has identified, and will continue to identify, actionable insights to precisely treat or even avert disease.
  2. Without assistance, the majority of clinicians are ill positioned to incorporate those insights into their practices, thereby missing opportunities to improve patient outcomes.

At Trailhead, we believe effective strategies to bridge the gap between insight and practice must take a holistic approach.  That is in contrast to most other efforts which work only inside organizational silos.

Attention must be paid to everything on the continuum, not just the research and practice ends. The shrinking time to meet with patients, ever changing guidelines, uncertain reimbursement landscape, complex organizational boundaries & inter-departmental dynamics, challenging data interoperability, operational and clinical analytics, and decision support systems all must be considered.

Clinical strategies to improve care must evaluate and prioritize all those factors and do so in the context of each patient’s needs and values.